WineFlex Car Door Edge White Guard/Car Door Scratch Protector
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  • key Features
      • It protects the car door against minor scratches and dents in tight spots
      • Strong adhesive tape for easy sticking
      • Installation instructions: Just clean the car door's surface, remove the double sided tape from the door guard and fix on the edge of the door, Note - if the surface is not clean and dry, the door guards might fall off soon
      • Buy from as Cloudsale for genuine product, Other sellers are selling duplicate products also rate us after successful purchase and quality check
      • Long lasting and durable material
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The device is designed to concentrate more power up on one point not all the wheel, facilitating operation handy and facility. When turning car, it lessens the turning radius and helps beginners and lady drivers to drive safely and conveniently. The elegant outlook and delicate design upgrades the fashion of the enables driver to steer more precisely when driving slowly for parking.

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