6 LED Small Round Auxiliary Bike Fog Lamp Light with Police Light Flashing Strobe Ring Set of 2-Red, Blue & White
180 850670₹ OFF
  • key Features
      • Super bright Spot and flood Light beam
      • Water resistant casing with light weight 6 LED Fog Lamp Light With Police Light Style Flasher Light Ring
      • Ring Type LED Flashing Strobe Lights
      • Note Casing color and design May Vary As Per Stock
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Minimal power consumption No extra relay required use this auxiliary light Light weight casing helps in instant installation to the vehicle Ultra reliable and durable frame just the fitment has to be correct Separate switch to be use these lights is advisable which does not put any strain on existing wiring harness It has wide angle and long throw of light on the road assisting riding to be at complete ease in all riding condition weather in night or bad weather conditions like fog Waterproof and dustproof overall casing with metal clips for distortion free light on bad terrains Helps you be safe with its bright wide angle and long throw of light in any weather conditions Tech Spec : Light throw Color:

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