Car Auto Battery Booster, Clamp with Alligator Wire 500 Amp)
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  • key Features
      • Mutli-stranded Copper for High Conductivity
      • Copper Plated Clamps
      • Heavy Flexible Insulation
      • 221 meter 500 amp jumper cables to start car, truck and other vehicle in case of a dead battery or cold diesel vehicle battery in winter


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To reduce the risk of vehicle damage or battery expolsion before use. Please read the instruction carefully before use. 1. Connect one RED clamp to POSITIVE(+) terminal of the dead battery and other RED clamp to the POSITIVE(+) terminal of the donor battery. 2. Connect one BLACK clamp to the NEGATIVE (-) terminal of the dead battery and other BLACK clamp on suitable earth point on the engine block of the donor car. 3. Start the engine of the donor car 4. Turn on the ignition of the car with the dead battery and start the engine 5. Once the engine has started ,simply remove the clamp in the reverse order to instruction 2 and 3 above, starting with black clamp first 6. Check both the batteries have same voltage 7. Ensure clamps are connected to the correct terminals as stated above

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