Formula 1 517358 Car & Bike Liquid Wax - 473 ML
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  • key Features
      • When applied on the car, the super polymers crosslink to form a clear durable coating
      • Bonds to paint finish making a lasting barrier against environmental damages
      • In long term testing, Formula 1's cross-linked super polymer coating lasted over 2 times longer than other waxes
      • Thick, rich liquid wipes on and off easily, leaving a durable super polymer shine
      • Use on all auto exterior surfaces, even black rubber and bumpers


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Supreme Shine & Protection!! Thick, rich liquid wipes on and off easily, leaving a durable Super Polymer shine. Gives Supreme Protection against UV rays, Rain and Dirt. Can be used on all auto exterior surfaces, even black rubber and bumpers. Leaves no white residue—just a perfect shine every time. Easy to use, wipes on fast and buffs out easily. Pack size : 473 ml. Made in USA Formula1 advanced crosslink polymer technology wax when applied, super polymer crosslink on car finish foaming a clear durable coating hence bond to paint finish making a long lasting barrier against water, dirt & UV rays. Directons: Wash and dry Car. May be used in direct sunlight or shade. Squeeze a little on clean damp cloth. Apply product using circular motions to on section at a time. Wipe off with a clean micro fibre cloth, turning it frequently. Faq's: Q: What is the difference between regular Formula 1 Wax & Formula 1 Premium Wax ? A: Formula 1 Premium products are made using Super Polymers that bond to paint finishes and forms a coating that is harder than Carnauba Wax and lasts longer. Q: What is Cross Link Super Polymer Technology ? A: A Crosslink Super Polymer is a chemical material that is a very long string of polymers, like a chain, that bond to other materials such as silicones, waxes and other special materials used in Formula 1 Premium. These long Super Polymers then crosslink when drying to form an incredibly strong clear netting of protection on the paint finish. Q: Can Formula 1 Premium Wax be used on all exterior surfaces of the car ? A: Yes, Formula 1 Premium can be used on paint, chrome, rubber trim, molding, headlights, fibers and even flat black bumpers and trim. Only not to be used on windshields.

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