Seat Belt Beep Stopper Belt Alarm Stopper for All Toyota Cars
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  • key Features
      • Comptability-Generic to all Cars
      • Stop Unwanted Seat Belt Alarm By this unique Accessory
      • Premium Quality, Made of Metal
      • Set of 2 Pc
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Selecting Your Extender Though Extenders are never guaranteed to fit in any particular vehicle or location, we will help maximize the chances. Seat belts are unique and differ based on location, so share the exact seat belt metal tongue you want to extend (e.g. front, rear window, rear middle) Our Model Size: Body Length: 7.5CM,Width: 3.5CM ,Buckle Size: 3.5 * 2 CM ,Color: sliver After customer feedback, 95% of models that can be used completely.If you can't be sure it.You can sent it include the manufacturer, model, year and seat. Picking the Extender Yourself Measure the width of the metal tongue of the seat belt that you need to extend. Compare that width to the metal tongue width mentioned in the title. If the widths match, you found a likely fit. There are dozens of different metal tongues, and if your Extender doesn't fit, we will assist with a return or exchange. Tags on Extenders are independent of the cars in which they can be used. If your Extender doesn't fit, it is not because of the tag. We are happy to exchange any Extender that doesn't fit.

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